National Mental Health Awareness Month

National Mental Health Awareness Month

May is National Mental Health Awareness Month and it couldn’t come at a better time. In some parts of the country, shelter-in-place orders are being lifted and some folks aren’t happy about it. In other parts, the orders are being extended and people aren’t happy about that, either. And through it all, regardless of argument, the coronavirus pandemic continues to run its course while unemployment is at an all-time high. The country is collectively dealing with the anxiety of an uncertain future, the depression that comes with isolation and loneliness, and the mental fatigue and burnout from working in hazardous conditions. Here at Barn Life Recovery, the phones have been ringing off the hook with folks looking for help in navigating these strange times. In an effort to help as many people as we possibly can, we’d like to offer some simple self-care strategies to provide some much-needed relief.

Get Busy (and Organized)

During the beginning of the quarantine orders, it seemed like the lattice providing structure to many of our lives disappeared. Gyms shut their doors, work and eating schedules became erratic and disordered, sleep became difficult or far too easy. Let’s get back on track by establishing a new structure and a new routine. Sure, there are still activities that are still off-limits but there is also still plenty to do. Getting active and organizing is a great way to provide a sense of normalcy.

Find an Attitude of Gratitude

We hear this one a lot from our clients who have experience with the twelve steps but it’s something we all can benefit from. There are plenty of reasons to be negative right now but as long as we’re breathing, we also have things to be grateful for and awareness of those things can give us hope. An easy way to practice gratitude is by starting a gratitude journal. Every morning, take the time to write to five things you’re thankful for. You’ll be surprised at the change in feelings after only a few weeks.

Ground Yourself

Take a few deep breaths and acknowledge five things close to that you can see. Then four that you can touch, followed by three you can hear. Finally, finish by acknowledging two things you can smell and one you can taste. This is a grounding exercise we teach to folks who are prone to panic attacks and it’s an incredibly effective way to bring awareness and return oneself back to the present.

Cut Out the BS

The number one goal of cable news shows is advertising dollars and they reach it through sensationalism and agitation. While that’s great for their shareholders, it’s doing absolutely nothing for your mental health. Try to limit your intake and stick to local and reputable news sources.

Love Life Again

Barn Life Recovery, now offering telehealth therapy, combines an evidence-based approach with ancient Eastern healing methods such as tai chi and qigong. It’s all part of our holistic solution to mental health issues. If you or someone you know is struggling with anxiety or depression, please give our admissions office a call today. Find out if Barn Life Recovery is right for you. Call now and learn to love life again.

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Hear From Those We've Impacted

star star star star star

Barn Life is uniquely special. As someone who has had long stretches of sobriety with "traditional" communities and methods, Barn Life stepped in when I started struggling during the pandemic and said "traditional" methods failed to help.The staff here are exceptional. This is a truly subjective statement, but it is my honest opinion that the people from the owner (Hi Matt!) to EVERYONE else works there because they believe in the work and want to share the tools they found.Barn Life and their little sibling, Peer Mental Wellness were the launchpad from a shell of an existence to person with self-love/respect, and a life-mission of personal development.

Steven D.
star star star star star

Best for someone looking for spiritual healing in addition to their mental health healing.

Luka P.
star star star star star

Barn life is probably one of the most amazing facilities you could ever attend when it comes to mental illness. This was the first place that popped up when I was searching for help and I’m so thankful that it did. The environment is very therapeutic, the staff is awesome, and the group discussions and activities were so helpful in me understanding what I was experiencing. Do not hesitate to be a part of this place. It’s literally a game changer. I was only there for 6 weeks but I wished I stayed at least 6 months. Ever since returning home, I’ve been much happier and my perspective has changed dramatically. I’ve done things and participated in events at my college that I never thought I would be able to do. This place is truly amazing and I’m forever grateful that I found this place.

Ariana E.
star star star star star

Through trial and error of trying to stay sober this program is definitely the most caring and supporting of them all if anyone needs help and is willing to help themselves I suggest barnlife they will for a fact give you the push you need and the tools to keep you going

Mason T.
star star star star star

My daughter has been at Barn Life Recovery now for two months. It was my last resort to send her 9 hours away from me. She has been in drug and mental health rehabs in and out for two years. This was my last stitch effort to save my daughter and get her back to herself. Alyssa and I spoke multiple times before deciding. Their willingness to do everything for her and the different teams they have work with them is amazing. My daughter is happy again and clean and sober. She loves it there in their outpatient program. They restore your faith in humanity. They help restore someone who is broken in so many places to themselves. They have put the light back in my daughters eyes. They are committed to helping each person who truly wants the help. They assist in helping them get jobs and be responsible members of society. I recommend their program to anyone wanting to recover from drug, alcohol and mental health.Thank you to all the people at Barn Life who have made my daughter smile and bring the light back to her eyes. I am truly grateful.DawnaLee

DawnaLee W.
star star star star star

I am alumni from Zen Recovery Path / a great place , and live a happy healthy life ever since / great peaceful place to recover // Namaste

Michael M.



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